​​​​JPCO Railroad Construction
JR Technical Development Group, LLC​
​​​K&A Transporter, LLC​

KAG1, Inc.
KAK & Co.
Kerrick Williams Photography, LLC
Kings Facility Maintenance Experts​

King's Nursery, LLC
​​​​KLAS Global Business Consultants

Kmedia Inc. dba Techno IP Solutions​​
​​​​​​​K.S. Ware and Associates, LLC
L & S Diversified, LLC

Leslie Saunders Insurance Agency, Inc.
Lewos-Schuh Consulting
Lisa Miller Consulting, LLC

LMCC Specialty Contractor
Longhorn Landscaping & Sod, LLC
Loy's Hauling, Inc.
Lunacon Construction Group Corp.
LXC Engineering Group LLC

M & N Construction Group, LLC

Makaveli Construction & Associates Inc.

Manzi Metals, Inc.

Marathon Reprographics dba MySmartPlans

Marcela Roggenburg LLC dba Safety Matters

Mars Contractors, Inc.

MATCON Construction Services, Inc.


McGhee's Maintenance, LLC

MCJ Professional Cleaning

Mckercher Construction Corp.

MCO Construction & Services, Inc.

Mel's Cleaning Service, Inc.
Merit Fasteners Corporation

Metzger + Willard, Inc

Mimar Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Modern Cleaning Solutions, LLC

MKP Electrical Corp
M & P Services International Corp.
M.R. Gomez Construction
MV Co Company, LLC


New Experience Cleaning Service, Inc. 
One Day Came

On-Site Antifreeze Recycling, LLC

Onsite Environmental Consulting, LLC

On The Rise Carriers

Option Solutions, LLC

Orion & Associates Trucking Solutions
O.R. Painting, Inc.

Paint Quest, LLC

Paradise Awnings
Paramount Solutions & Global Services, Inc.
Parrott Enterprises, LLC

Patrick Chery International
PBrown Builders, LLC
PDC Management Group, LLC

PDR Logistics

Phoenix Professional Group, Inc
Pink Diamond Inspections, LLC

Pink Eagle Roofing
Power Solutions Electric, Inc.

P & P Striping, LLC 

Premier Sales & Marketing, LLC

Pritchett Steinbeck Group Inc.

Professional Health Examiners Inc DBA PROHEALTH

Progressive Business Enterprise, LLC

PSC Services, Inc.

Pulstone Installers, LLC

QMF Steel, Inc.
Quick Sand & Fill Corp

Raymond Engineering-Georgia, Inc.
RCS Civil, Inc.

RCS Group of Florida

R-Eco Environmental Painting, LLC

REA Remedial Solutions
Redbird Industries, LLC

Renaissance Management Group, Inc.
RFJ Land Clearing, LLC

Rising Sun Electric LLC

RJS Spencer Construction
R & M Environmental Services, Inc.
Roberts Traffic Marking Corp.

Rock N Roll Trucking, Inc.

Rock Solid Project Solutions, Inc.

Rodgers Transportation, Inc.
Rodney Allen & Associates, LLC

RWH Construction Inc. 

S3S Construction, Inc.
Safety Plus International, LLC
Sandra Leppert & Associates, Inc.

Sandra Walters Consultants
SAMM Enterprises

Sapphire Preferred, Inc.

Sarandrea Associates Group Corp
S&D Engineering and Construction, Inc

Sensual Me Enterprises dba Iris Garcia Productions

Sette Services, LLC

Sharp Marketing

SIVA Corrosion Services, Inc.
Specco Environmental, Inc.

Spectra Engineering & Research

Spectrum Haven

S&S Trucking DBA Safety Standards

Stembridge Custom Metals, Inc.

Stonegate Allied Services, LLC

Structural Coatings, Inc.


Synot Roofing & Construction LLC

T&T Construction and Enterprise, LLC

​Technic Trucking, LLC

The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company

The Five 50 Group, LLC

The Jones Company of South Florida

Tootle Construction, LLC
Traffic Engineering Data Solutions 

Trato International Corporation dba Izzi Logistics
TRC Energy Engineering Professional, LLC

Treider Industries, Inc.

TriMerge Consulting Group PA

Trinity Coach Inc.

True Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC

TruPro Cleaning, Inc.

TVC Construction Corp
Unisource Sign Connection

United Contracting, Inc.

Upright Electrical Services, LLC

USA Sweeping Inc. dba Facilities Pro-Sweep

Van Doornik Engineering & Consulting, LLC

Vapnadomr Solutions, Inc.
VDCO Tech, Inc. 
V.H. JR. & Associates, Inc.

Villa-Fuerte Construction LLC

Vinali Staffing
Virtual Resource Management Corp
Vivid Consulting Group

VPR Construction Corporation

VTM Professional Services
Walker Miller Equipment Company, Inc.

​Wayne Group & Services, Inc.

West Indies Technologies LLC dba Wireless & IP Technologies

Wiretek Solutions, LLC

Work Horse Temps
Wynn's Electrical Services
WP Underground Utilities, LLC

Xpert Contracting, LLC

Yadah Trucking, Inc.
YCommerce, Inc.
YD Contractors Milling
Yerkes South, Inc.

DBE Capability Statements A - Z


​​321 Strategies, LLC

​​814-Sand, Inc.

A&A Premium Paint Distributors, LLC

Abacus Construction Services, LLC

Abelita, LLC
​​​​​​​Absolute Temperature Controls, LLC
ABL-Network Solutions, Inc.
AC Concrete, LLC​​​

AccuMap Models

Ace Applications
Ace Construction Design Services, LLC​
Acsential Services

Advanced Cabling Solutions
Advanced Integration Group, Inc.​

AFL International Consulting Staff and Services, Inc.

All American Alarm

All Belong to Christ, LLC

All Phase Construction of NW FL LLC
AllenMiche' Development & Company​​​

Almond Consulting Group, LLC

Alpha Envirotech Consulting, Inc.

Alta Home Remodeling Co. dba Alta Quality Builders

Ambient Technologies, Inc.

Amer-Plus Janitorial & Maintenance LLC

AMG Operations, LLC

Anderson Paint Store, LLC
Apogee Security and Investigation Services LLC
Aquaris Commercial Plumbing, Inc.

​Arbor Electrical Service, Inc. dba Mr. Wireman

Archis Inc.

Arium Solutions, LLC

Artistical Landscape, LLC

​Audio Video Systems, Inc.

Aztec American Builders, Inc.​​

Baker's Construction Services

Balsera Communications​
Bannerman Landscape Residential and Commercial Services

Base 4 Tech, LLC dba ​Vibe Design Group

BBC Solar

Beato Group

Bella Fiore Landscaping, LLC
Bernexis Construction Development, LLC

B.F. Enterprises, LLC dba Commuter Shine​
Big Bend Rebar​

Binger Financial Services, LLC

Blue Star Transit


Bramble Group Plumbing, Inc.

Branch Enterprises Logistics

Bridgeway Technologies

Broadband Connect, LLC

BSF Electric, LLC

Bulldog Site Work​​

IICousins Masonry and Stucco

Caldwell Management Solutions

Carl Shepherd & Associates Inc.

​Catfish Development Solutions

Cellars International Realty, LLC

CESACO Enterprise

CG3 Group, LLC

Chrisvon Services, LLC

​City Service Data Com​​

Civil and Environmental Services, Inc.
​​CJS Property Management, LLC​​
​​​​​​​​CISS, Inc.​

Classen Graphics Infrastructure Development, LLC

Clayton Co. Consultants, LLC.

CMQ Contractors

Coldwater Commercial & Industrial, LLC

Conemco Consultants

Coordinated Construction Project Control Services
​Cornerstone Barricades, Inc.​

Creativision Media, Inc.

Customers Rule Insurance Agency, Inc.
​Cut Ups Lawn Service​

Cynanotary, LLC

Cytas Corp dba Cytas Construction

DAP Pressure Washing & Painting Services
​​​Dean's Environmental Services​​

Deborah K. Thompson, Consultants

"D" Electrician Technical Services, Inc.

Diamond Systems LLC DBA Diamond Scientific

DOC Development, Inc.

Donnchadh Corporation

​Dredging & Marine Consultants LLC

DroneScape, PLLC

Dudly's Professional Services

Duval Sheet Metal, Inc.


EAC Cleaning

Earth Resources, Inc.

​Earthworks Environmental, LLC

EbiCo Group, LLC dba Rize Solutions

eda consultants inc
​Edward Colleton Cleaning Service​​

Edward's Construction Group, LLC

E.J. Chris Contracting, Inc.

Elizabeth Rodriguez & Associates

Empact Solutions

Energy Consumption Management

​Envio Logistics, LLC

Epiphany Insurance Company, LLC

Equus Innovative Solutions, LLC 
​​​​​​Exam Plus Fl. Corp.​

Exoalloy Metal Fabrication

Expert Dewatering Inc.

Facility Maintenance & Services Group, LLC

Faith Works Total Ground Maintenance

Fast Forward Electronics

FDV Communications & Security, Inc.
​​​FHS Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, LLC​

First Choice Land Acquisition Group, LLC

Florida Clear Energy, LLC
​Florida Developers, Inc. of Tallahassee

Florida Environment and Land Services, LLC

Florida Surety Bonds, Inc.

Flowers Consulting, LLC

​Fresh Start Development

​Fuse Kinetics & Transportation Consultants

Gail Spivey & Associates

Gaines & Sons Striping, Inc.

Gamax Consulting, Inc.
​​​​​Genard & Associates Consulting, LLC​
George & Associates Contractors Inc.​

GIA Group, LLC
​Giralt Enterprises, Inc.​

​​G & C Welding Specialist, LLC
GJC Construction, LLC​​

Global One Networks LLC

Globenet Telecommunications

GovBros LLC dba Think IT Ai

Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal Enterprise, LLC

Greywood Consulting Corp.
​H Monae Group​. LLC
​​​Handon Services, Inc. ​

Harris Contracting LLC
​​Heavenly Hearts Cleaning Service, Inc.​

Hodges Erectors, Inc.
​​Holley Custom Painting, Inc.

Hollon Contracting, LLC 

Hopps Construction Services Inc.

Hormac Construction Group, Inc.

HR Consultants, Inc.
​​​​​​​​IA Aerial Photography, LLC​

IB Glazing, Inc. 

Imhotep Construction Group, Inc.

In Focus Mobility

Integrated Synergy, Inc.

Intron Technologies, Inc. 
​​Innovae Global
​IGWT Construction

James & Moore and Associates, LLC

Jamoa Enterprise, LLC

Javivere LLC

Jeffrey Carnes Enterprise Corporation

​​Jessica Posey, CPA, P.A.

Jireh Landscaping Corp.

​JB Auto Transport and Towing, LLC dba Unity Towing
​JMS Communications & Research​​