​​DBE Services

  • New DBE Orientation. If you are a newly certified DBE and have not yet participated in an orientation, please contact us to schedule an orientation session.

  • Bid Matching Assistance. An automated bid notification system is available to all DBEs. This system will send out emails notifying you of contracting and subcontracting opportunities available in your specific work classifications. An individual web page listing contracting and subcontracting opportunities in your work classifications will be created when you register and you can log in at any time to view those opportunities. To register for automated bid matching, click here.

  • Matchmaking Assistance. DBE matchmaker conferences provide DBEs with opportunities to network and create new relationships for future contracts with primes. For a list of upcoming matchmaker conferences please visit our home page.

  • Capacity building and developmental assistance through the Business Development Program. DBEs who have submitted a bid on a project as a sub or prime for any work associated with roadway and bridge work (FDOT, city, county, etc.) may apply to participate in the Business Development Program for more detailed, technical training tailored to their individual needs. For more information on the Business Development Program, please contact us.

  • Assistance with securing bonding for FDOT funded projects. This assistance is provided through the Bond Guarantee Program. For more information on the Bond Guarantee Program, click here.

  • Classroom and on-the-job training. Classroom and on-the-job training to enhance DBEs technical and business management skills is provided through the Construction Management Development Program. For more information on that program, click here.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Support

The DBE Supportive Services Program's primary purpose is to increase the number of certified DBE contractors and consultants doing business with FDOT and the dollar percentage awarded to DBEs, as well as contribute to DBEs growth and eventual self-sufficiency. To this end, a variety of services are available to DBEs through the DBE Supportive Services Program.