FDOT Lettings

Each of the following links will open a page on the FDOT website with letting and project information for the indicated district. For a map of FDOT districts, click here. For helpful bidding information, such as the new bidder orientation, prequalification information, etc., visit our Resources page.

​                  Automated Bid Notification System

​An automated bid notification system is available to all DBEs. This system will send out emails notifying you of contracting and subcontracting opportunities available in your specific work classifications. When you register for the automated bid notification system you will receive emails for every FDOT letting with opportunities in your work classifications and you will gain access to individual web pages listing contracting and subcontracting opportunities in those work classifications. To register for automated bid matching, click

        Business Development Initiative(BDI)

The Business Development Initiative (BDI) is designed to support FDOT's efforts to boost competition, lower prices, and increase support to meet its contracting needs over the next 10 years.  The BDI is designed to provide more opportunities and support for small businesses to move from subcontracting and sub consulting to prime contracting and consulting roles. Some of the strategies used to provide an opportunity for businesses who would not typically bid on FDOT contracts are: 

  • Reserving construction and maintenance contracts for small businesses. 
  • Waiving performance bond requirements and modifying bid bond requirements for contracts under $250,000.  
  • Using the modified qualification process instead of our standard prequalification process for construction and maintenance projects.

In March 2009, FDOT received approval from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to use the BDI on federally funded projects, being the first of its kind, nationally, to be considered. In 2013, FDOT increased the BDI goals to 10% of all work types for contracts reserved for small business competition. To find out more about the BDI, click here. For a list of BDI projects, click here.

  Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities

This page contains links to FDOT letting and project information. To find upcoming opportunities, click on the link for the district in which you are interested. For contracts reserved for small businesses, see the Business Development Initiative section below. We also suggest you register for the automated bid notification system to keep you up to date on all upcoming contracting and subcontracting opportunities in your work classifications.